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  1. Hypnosis is dangerous, emotionally and spiritually, and hypnosis cannot heal a person’s past. Only God can! What many people, including Christians, do not realize is there is a spiritual aspect to hypnosis, and it is an evil one.
  2. hypnosis ranging from traditional hypnosis to video hypnosis and even subliminal hypnosis. Chapter 4 changes course a little to describe some of the mind control techniques that might be occurring in daily life. While the first two techniques would require isolation of the subject and the subject to be willing.
  3. Jan 26,  · Hypnotherapy is typically used as part of a broader treatment plan, rather than as a stand-alone therapy and is best known for helping people to change negative behaviors such as smoking and over-eating, and to conquer fears and anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are generally three types of hypnosis used.
  4. Clinical hypnosis, and the states of deep-introspective hypnosis, like the meditative states, are modified state of consciousness, and at the end of life, we can integrate the meditative states of many religions, with the introspective states of hypnosis, to help the patient in a .
  5. Jul 05,  ·  As such, an evil hypnotist could compel the most virtuous inductee to commit the most heinous crime.  And, these beliefs bought at least a few defendants (but not their hypnotists) a.
  6. How is this evil hypnosis practiced? Through the repetition of hymns, music, chants, sermons, prayers, rituals and selected interpretations of sacred texts. All of which is geared to strengthening the notion of the superiority and purity of "us" and the depravity and misguidedness of "The Other.".
  7. As for hypnosis being of any danger to the client, other than in a few rare and isolated instances, hypnosis has proven to be one of the safest tools in the armamentarium of the healing professions. This was the conclusion of a special symposium devoted to hypnotic complications that was published in the January American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.
  8. Sep 04,  · Hypnosis was found to significantly add to the benefits of standard medical care, not outperform it. Hypnosis was also found to reduce kids’ post-surgical pain, not to eliminate it.
  9. Apr 08,  · The hypnotist continued, edging Barbre toward the day of the attack. Experts warn that suggestions during an investigative hypnosis session can plant memories instead of retrieving them.

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