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  1. You are about to go down on a chick who is on the rag. Before you dive in you dip your finger in her snatch use ger blood to draw war paint on your face and then you raise one hand in the air and use your other to make a native war call.
  2. On the terreplein of the northwest bastion, Ramon, the old medicine-man, was violently beating upon a drum, which, as usual, had been improvised of a soaped rag drawn tightly over the mouth of an iron kettle, holding a little water. “Although acting as master of ceremonies, Ramon was not painted or decorated in any way.
  3. Classes were offered in "la langue verte", the colourful argot spoken by Apache gangsters. The play Gigolette (slang for young prostitute) was based on the story of a love triangle between prostitute Amelie-Elie and members of the Apache gang.
  4. Apache Rag & Wiper A. Apache Rag & Wiper CLAIM THIS BUSINESS. GETTY AVE PATERSON, NJ Get Directions () Business Info. Founded ; Incorporated ; Annual Revenue $,; Employee Count 2; Industries Wholesale - Waste Rags; Contacts R Simon; Contact Business.
  5. There really was a renegade Apache warrior called Massai, who was a bloodthirsty killer renowned for stealing, raping and murdering. He did indeed escape from a prison train bound for Florida and made his way back to his homeland. It is, however, doubtful that he was six feet tall and had blue eyes like Burt Lancaster.
  6. A rag-tag group of Apache warriors, led by an elderly man in his late seventies, took on the U.S. Army's Ninth Cavalry in revenge for the death of the great Apache war chief Victorio. Using guerilla warfare, they led raids through New Mexico, slaughtering men, women, and children and evading the Cavalry and the Buffalo Soldiers.
  7. Desert Surf From Phoenix, AZ - The Apaches are an instrumental rock band with heavy influences from surf music, spaghetti western, and garage rock The Apache.
  8. Navajo, Dene, Tarahumara The Apache (/ əˈpætʃi /) are a group of culturally related Native American tribes in the Southwestern United States, which include the Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Mescalero, Salinero, Plains and Western Apache. Distant cousins of the Apache are the Navajo, with which they share the Southern Athabaskan languages.

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