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  1. Microbit Project is a music project by EugenKha. One of the most creative melodic music producers among poets, and audio explores that puts Russia high up on the underground map of prettiness! He debuts a very beautiful release on L0bit, delivering all round electronic sweetness.
  2. [MBR] – Microbit Project / THE LONG BEAUTIFUL HARSH PIECE [MBR] – DJ Citalopram / WOW AND FLUTTER (ep ) [MBR] – Microbit Project / PORNOISE 16KBPS [MBR] – Bezizgiba & EugeneKha / VIVALDI THEM (EP) [MBR] – neuroSampler and microprocessor / TRASH FILES (Remixes Collection) [MBR] – Microbit Project / ESSENCE.
  3. Russian net-label devoted to low-bit music of all genres, releases are available as free download in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format individually or packaged using winZIP or winRAR under Creative Commons License for personal use. All tracks are encoded in low bitrate (from 1 kbps to 64 kbps). MBR is a seemingly unofficial megamix.
  4. Spacebirds & EugeneKha - Jupiter Light (Spacbirds Mix) () Old Disco Machine () Solar (feat. Microbit Project) (Microbit Acid Disco Rmx) () Slow Space Funk () Acidisco (feat. Microbit Project) () Intro [from album: Dreamscape] Jupiter Light (Spacebirds mix) [from album: Spacebirds]
  5. The micro:bit is the most recent project by the BBC in an effort to bring computer science education and STEM topics to every student in the United Kingdom. It is an open development board that works in sync with other onboard hardware components to get you started down the path of programming hardware.
  6. MICROBIT PROJECT (Moscow, Russia) – one of side-projects the musician, poet and Sound/Visual Poets Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha, Yoko Absorbing). The project is created in the end of and originally it has been focused exclusively on experiments with lowbit sound (from 8 kbps to 48 kbps), however since December, under this.
  7. Basic: EugeneKha (Various ambience music and intelligent electronic) and Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Sound art, soundscape, sound poetry, avant-garde sound). Side-projects: Nameless dancers (Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Lounge, Dance) Spacebirds (Disco, Spacesynth, Sci-Fi Dance, Space) Microbit Project (Field for radical-underground experiments from dialup.
  8. Rather than just sharing the link, you can also embed the project so that your visitors can use the simulator, edit blocks or code, or download the project without having to leave your site. General instructions. Select the kind of embedding you would like. Screenshot - a lightweight screenshot of the blocks that links to the snippet.

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