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  1. Quo Vadis is also the name of a well-known book written by Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz and a epic film, both of which depict the persecution suffered by the early Christians in ancient Rome. Thus, the name of our ministry – Quo Vadis. The name reflects our mission to encourage those confronted with the difficult.
  2. Jul 28,  · “Quo Vadis, Aida?” is one of the 18 movies slated to compete at the Venice Film Festival, whose lineup was unveiled on Tuesday. Nicolas Eschbach, Indie .
  3. Dec 25,  · Produced by Sam Zimbalist for MGM in and expertly directed by Mervin LeRoy "Quo Vadis" was Hollywood's first wallop in the fight against the onslaught of Television. Available at first, and for many years only on VHS tape, it then began to appear on a plethora of foreign DVDs but with varying quality it must be said/10(K).
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  5. Definition of quo vadis?: where are you going? — compare domine, quo vadis? Comments on quo vadis? What made you want to look up quo vadis??
  6. Quo Vadls is the most spectacular film since the days of Ben Hur and Intolerance. But as an epic it does not have the corn of De Mille -- nor the excitement. July 30, | Full Review 88%.
  7. The Quo Vadis line of planners was born from a young man's need to plan ahead. Frustrated that appointment books were cramped with only daily pages, he designed his own format: He took a ruler, pen and notebook, and laid out a full week across both pages, including special areas for .
  8. The Quo Vadis business philosophy is a commitment to integrity, while providing excellent service to the clients who trust us. Our name is Latin for, “Where are you going?” In our experience, there are few business owners who are confident in their firm’s technological direction. Fortunately, we .
  9. The first lesson is about Quo Vadis, so here I am watching this nearly-three hour epic for which the word "blockbuster" was created. According to the course description, Quo Vadis "ushered in the golden age of the so-called 'sword-and-sandal' picture, with its irresistible formula of evil, arrogant Romans versus virtuous, devout Christians.".

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